How to write a speech

Learning how to write a speech is a daunting task. Where to start?

The journey usually starts with a blank piece of paper and a few scattered ideas in your head. Here's my first tip: That blank sheet of paper is your worst enemy, and will continue to be so until you take the first tentative steps to write your speech.

But wait! Don't start writing just yet.

Writing a speech is like many things. There is no single right way to go about it but there are many ways to do it badly.

My purpose in showing you how to write a speech is not to force you to use a system that may not work for you. Rather I will take you step by step through a system that has worked for many people I have taught how to write a speech. You should take it, learn from it, and shape it so that it works for you.

With a little bit of work, a dash of perseverance and equal parts perspiration and inspiration, this course will guide you from blank page to standing ovation.

Of course that takes us back to our friend, the blank page.

The next part of this course, Planning a speech will help you shape your thoughts prior to committing them to paper. Don't worry, this is a highly worthwhile and enjoyable part of learning how to write a speech.


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