Planning a speech

Like any earnest endeavor, there is only one place to start when planning a speech, and that's with a plan.

I know that's not what you wanted to read. It's only natural to want to dive head first into your first speechwriting endeavor. In your mind you can see the words Ladies and Gentlemen forming on your blank piece of paper, but I beg you to hold back.

By taking the time to develop a great plan for you speech, your planning efforts, not to mention your patience, will reap the benefit tenfold.

The purpose of planning a speech phase is to discover what you want to write, what you ought to write, and what you should omit from your completed speech. Don't be the best man who forgets to thanks the bridesmaids, the eulogist who omits their fondest memory of the deceased, or the speechmaker who is babbling on or worse, lost for words.

Planning your speech well will also give you confidence every step on the way to your speech.


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