Sample speeches

Sample speeches are a terrific foundation for writing the perfect speech. By seeing how other speechwriters have crafted their speech, you will learn the perfect format, template and content to get a standing ovation every time. Discover the best toasts, funny jokes and sincere wishes that make a speech successful.

Advantages of using sample speeches

There are two great ways to use sample speeches to write the perfect speech.

If you feel you have an okay speech but really need help turning okay into perfect, then use your speech as a base and add your favorite parts of the sample speeches into your speech. Your toast is week? Upgrade it. Your jokes aren't funny? Replace them. The key is to keep the speech personalized, while at the same time getting rid of the dead weight. A set of sample speeches will do that.

If you are really having trouble starting or writing your speech, then a set of sample speeches is perfect for you. Use your favorite sample speech as a base, then remove the pieces you don't like, and replace them with your favorite parts from the other sample speeches. Finally, it's time to personalize your speech. Add those personal touches that only you can write. This is much simpler when your starting point is a completed speech.

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Sample Speeches

Solve your public speaking worries with a set of sample speeches.

Get tons of content and great ideas for your speech.

Sample speeches

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