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I'm amazed how many public speakers are not familiar with their own speeches. They recite the speech like a stranger to it, lose themselves in the delivery and seem surprised by each subsequent line.

Without a great familiarity with their speech, a speechmaker is putting themselves at a significant risk of failure. They will not be at ease, will not be

Techniques to Your speech include:

  • Reading and re-reading the speech
  • Recording the speech on mp3 and listening to it while mobile
  • Recounting the speech from memory

The goal is not to learn your speech word-for-word. It will seem mechanical and deliberate. Besides, where's the fun in that?

Instead, find the story of your speech. The outer outline of your speech is a great place to start. If you can remember the flow of your speech, its story, from start to finish, then you're in a great place! It is very, very unlikely that you will lose yourself when making your speech and you will be very comfortable during your delivery. After all, your speech is now an old friend.


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Sample speeches

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