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Our wedding speech pack comprises every single one of our wedding speech packs:

  • Best man
  • Father of the bride
  • Groom
  • Bride
  • Maid of honor

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The ultimate wedding speech pack

Our wedding speech pack is designed for the family who would like to get incredible sample speeches at a great value. It's also a great gift for members of the wedding party.

35 sample wedding speeches plus toasts, jokes and more!

The best man speech pack features 15 speeches and a wealth of information to help him write the perfect best man speech. The other speech packs each contain 5 sample speeches plus supplemental information that will provide amazing inspiration for the speechwriter. That's a totol of 35 sample speeches plus tons of terrific jokes, toast and guides covering topics from speechwriting and speechmaking to who to toast and what not to say in your speech.

Best man speech pack

  • FIFTEEN complete sample best man speeches
  • The complete guide to speechwriting and public speaking in handy ebook format
  • 5 great opening lines for your best man speech
  • Essential best man duties
  • Great ways to compliment the bride during your best man speech
  • Who to mention during your best man speech
  • Top 10 “Marriage Is…” one-liners to ignite your best man speech
  • 5 great responses to hecklers who interrupt your best man speech
  • Top 10 wedding quotes to use In your best man speech
  • Top 5 items a best man should have on the wedding day
  • Top 5 best man Pitfalls…and how to avoid them
  • 10 best man toasts to light up your best man speech
  • A brief guide to the correct form and content of your speech
  • A brief guide to customizing your speeches
  • Top 10 best man don’ts
  • Our experience of ten years of speechwriting on the internet

Father of the bride, Groom, Bride, Maid of Honor speech pack

  • FIVE complete sample speeches for each speaker
  • The complete guide to speechwriting and public speaking in handy ebook format
  • A brief guide to the correct format and content of each speech
  • Guidance of how to adapt our sample speeches to your needs
  • Our experience of ten years of speechwriting on the internet

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"I used a combination of your best man speeches with some of my own ideas and it was received wonderfully. Almost everyone present came up to me to congratulate me on the speech. I still had persons that were present the next keep coming up to me and saying what a good speech it was. Thanks for your help." - M Blom


"Just wanted to thank you for your help with my best man speech. It went extremely well and I even got a standing ovation. Though I was nervous to start off with, I enjoyed the experience and now wouldn't mind doing it again. Thanks again for your help" - R Siqueira


"Impressive - and very professional. Thank you." - Kanet


"I appreciate the speeches you sent me. They are quite individualized and not the usual internet trite writing. I wish you success with your venture." - M Farion


"Thank-you very much for your tips. You were a great help! I actually used the toast you sent me as well as some of those tips. I was complimented on my speech, thanks to you." - J. Kallos


"The speeches arrived and they are great ... Thank-you for the fabulous head start!" - E Barnett


"I wrote a speech from your structural style. I opened, got a laugh, made an anecdote, and closed well. Not bad for a first timer in front of 500 people. Thanks!" - J Castle

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